Popularity surging as LA souvenir! Olive Oil & Vinegar Specialty Store “Beyond the Olive” (Google Translated from Japanese)

For souvenirs of traveling to the United States, I would like to present products and foods made in America that are not available in Japan. California, especially olive oil that is gaining popularity as a souvenir selected by tourists coming to Los Angeles.

This time we introduce Los Angeles’s olive oil & vinegar specialty brand “Beyond the Olive”, mainly based on olive oil made from California and vinegars of a wide variety of flavors.

Born in California, olive oil made with California bred olive oil

The first thing you can see when you enter the store is a dark brown glass bottle aligned with the slurry and a large silver container filled with olive oil and vinegar that is set everywhere in the shop. A surprising assortment seems better to call “museum” than olive oil & vinegar specialty store.

Beyond the Olive’s olive oil is fresh, made from Californian olives. All the olive oil and vinegar sold in the store can be tasted, and we have about 18 kinds of olive oil at all times.

Popular number one is “Albequina”. Featuring buttery taste and mild fruity flavor, this olive oil is active in various dishes.

“Early Harvest Albeqina” which is only received once a year. The stock for this year is only the items on the table of this picture. New items will be in stock around January 2017 so please look forward to it.

In addition to flavor oil’s classic “Garlic”, “Basil” and “Meyer Lemon”, the moment you put in your mouth, “Big smoked” smell like BBQ’s unique smoke, when you bake chocolate cake etc. A variety of lineups ranging from “Blood Orange” which seems to be fragrant, as well as unique items such as “Citrus Habanero” and “Persian lime”.

Unique vinegar flavors are arrayed!

At Beyond the Olive, there are over 25 different vinegars in addition to a wide variety of olive oils!

“Raspberry & Basil Wine Vinegar”, “Champagne · Mimosa Wine Vinegar”, “Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar”, “Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar”, “Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar”, “Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar”, “Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar” from “Balsamic vinegar that seems to be delicious just by listening to names such as” pomegranate ” Espresso balsamic vinegar “and” pear · ginger · wasabi dark balsamic vinegar “,” A vinegar to such a magical flavor? “, And a unique taste vinegar which is surprised a bit is also prepared I will.

The top seller is a balsamic vinegar “25 Star” which has been aged thoroughly for 18 years. It has a sweetness, which is characterized by its drought like syrup, and compatibility with flavor oil is outstanding.

The second most popular is “fig” flavor. This is also aged for 18 years, it is thick balsamic vinegar like melted chocolate, it contains grain of FIG.

Also, a seasonal flavor was developed at about once every 1 to 2 months, and when visiting the shop in early October, autumn flavor “pumpkin spice balsamic vinegar” was on sale.

For souvenirs we recommend mini size or medium size!

Both olive oil and vinegar are almost uniform in price, a mini bottle (60 ml) that is just right for a souvenir is 5 dollars, a medium size bottle (250 ml) that is perfect for homes and cuisine lovers is $ 17.50 It is sold for $ 18.50.

There are also two types of bottles of a compact size that can be refilled at discount rates, but because the size is slightly larger, such as 375 ml (22 to 24.50 dollars) and 750 ml (43 to 49 dollars), for the souvenir, We recommend Mini Bottle or Medium Size.

You can chose 4 or 6 mini size olive oil and vinegar of your choice and make it a gift set like this (case fee will be charged separately).

There is still much! Original item of “Beyond the Olive”

Besides olive oil and vinegar, stuffed olives (10 to 12 dollars) packed with various ingredients such as blue cheese and sun dried tomato, and various original jams are on sale.

Beside the cafe & specialty shop

Beyond the Olive is attached to a specialty shop selling wine, whiskey, cheese and pasta and a cafe “The Bea’s Knees”, where mocha, chai latte, sandwiches, salads, etc. You can enjoy the cafe menu.

Olive oil that can be used not only for dishes but also for skin care is a souvenir that can be enjoyed by people of a wide range of age groups. Olive oil of ‘Beyond the Olive’ made with olive grown in California’s plentiful sun will become a special gift only available in Los Angeles. Please stop by a store when you travel to Los Angeles and try a variety of flavored olive oil and vinegar.

Beyond the olive ( Beyond The Olive )

Address: 120 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 Beyond the olive official site (English): Http://Www.Beyondtheolive.Com/

Bea’s Knees official site (English) : Http://www.thebeaskneespasadena.com/ Phone number: (626) 795-9308 Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (Saturday – Saturday), 10: 00-17: 00 (Sunday) Closed: Monday

Author: Yuno Imai

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