24/7 Food Courts in Los Angeles County, CA

If you're looking for a convenient after-hours spot in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, or Atwater Village, Astro Family restaurant is the place to go. Designed by acclaimed architectural firm Armet & Davis, this cozy Google-style eatery offers a menu full of restaurant and coffee shop staples, including vegetarian options like Beyond Burger and Beyond Tacos. Check the signs on the front for today's specialties. Carnitas Michoacan is a great spot to visit after the last bar or club in Lincoln Heights, Cypress Park and Chinatown. Revelers line up to order from a menu filled with hearty burritos and tacos with a variety of fillings that have made this 45-year-old restaurant a local favorite.

There is seating inside if you can't wait to get home to enjoy your meal. NoHo Diner restaurant is the perfect place to stop after seeing a show at The Knitting Factory, playing pinball and drinks at Player One or doing karaoke at The Good Nite. With its stained glass windows and walls covered with discolored films and photos of television stars, NoHo Diner is an enchanting reminder of the San Fernando Valley's past. The menu offers plenty of American restaurant classics like hamburgers and sandwiches or breakfast tortillas served with potatoes and toast at any time of the day or night. Los Feliz's classic restaurant is the place to go when it's 3 in the morning and you need something in your stomach if you have any hope of being functional tomorrow. Giant plates of greasy food are served here, making it a popular spot for partygoers, sleepless people, and those who have to take an early flight. The Original Pantry opened in the city center in 1924, making it a legend in its own right.

It serves breakfast, tacos, pastries, soups and salads all day long. Although the food may not be objectively great, it's still worth checking out for its historical significance.

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