The 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. From Koreatown Plaza Food Corner to Topanga Social, the city has a wide variety of eateries that offer a range of cuisines. From sushi and BBQ to iconic sausages and Detroit-style pizza, there is something for everyone. Some of the most popular restaurants include Tail o' the Pup, Shrimp Daddy, Man Eating Plant, Katsu Sando, Temaki by Seaweed Hand Roll Bar, Slab, Dumpling Monster, Fat Sal's, Truffle Brothers Market, Amboy Quality Burgers, Wanderlust Creamery and Mad Lab Coffee.

The multinational chain Taco Tuesday recently launched its latest salvo in a decades-long dispute to claim and use the term “Taco Tuesday”. For the owners of the retail and emerging brand I Love Micheladas, having a permanent space for their concept means raising awareness of micheladas and the search for the perfect recipe by the López family for years. Martirosyan says his family is going to open their stall with a smaller menu than their Armenian kebab shop, at least until they can decide what best suits the new location and format. If successful, they hope to one day open more Mini Kabob outposts.

An East Coast-style Italian-American restaurant with a focus on seafood has opened its doors in Brentwood with “Top Chef” alumnus Jackson Kalb and restaurateur Melissa Saka Kalb. It offers more red sauce classics than in the couple's other Los Angeles restaurants - Ospi in Venice and Jame Enoteca in El Segundo. Jemma di Mare serves garlic bread topped with fontina, oreganata with clams, prawns and prawns, spaghetti with meatballs, parmesan chicken and more. The parmesan veal is first cooked, then fried and served with the ribs, while a very intense and laborious “dashi” helps to reinforce the flavor of linguine with clam sauce.

For dessert, there is an ice cream service next to the table with homemade refreshments and, at lunchtime, a menu that includes sandwiches on homemade sesame bread. At any time, look for cocktails like the pasta water martini, which includes house water (rigatoni) topped with drops of olive oil. The next brunch menu will offer focaccia, French toast, Benedictine crab cake and lemon ricotta pancakes, among other products. Mama's Night Market is a popular community-driven takeaway dining event that returns this month in a new location that will double both the available seats and the number of participating vendors.

It highlights Asian-owned and family-owned operations such as Brodard, Holy Basil, Kinn, Domi, Sweet Grass and Bang Bang Noodles. Organizers expect more than 50 food and beverage vendors to set up stalls in the Fashion District's City Market South with views of the downtown skyline. Mariscos Za Za Zá serves sandwiches just for lunch in the alley of Loreto. The restaurant also focused on seafood opened in March by the same group.

Owner Jenny Rush's new project hired Alex Maranslicht (former member of Nobu Fifty Seven in New York City) to manage the kitchen which is based on seafood from Baja California with flavor and technique from Japan such as shrimp fried in wasabi cream and honey hamachi aguachile with chimichurri nori and scallops in ponzu. In addition to the ground-floor restaurant Santana who also runs the Broadway restaurant in Laguna Beach will oversee a food and beverage program available to residents elsewhere in the building. Eventually he says he would like to turn Mama's Night Market into an international event representing small independent restaurants in Los Angeles and other venues. The Hollywood Bowl has unveiled its new menus for the season and the food and beverage program now in its eighth year under category A.

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