Are there any food courts in los angeles county, ca that offer healthy options?

This Labor Day weekend, I'll be waiting for noon to spend somewhere shady and cool, preferably with ice cream in my hand. I'm Danielle Dorsey, assistant editor of Food and editor of all our gastronomic guides, with this week's tasting notes. I grew up in San Diego and Riverside before moving to Los Angeles. As an adult, I'm a Southern California girl from start to finish.

That means that when the summer heat peaks in August and stays stable until September, there's nowhere to feel more nostalgic and refreshing than one of my local malls, where I can walk windy corridors without a specific destination and get my feet up in the food court when I want a break. Nowadays, I try to avoid the fast fashion stores that crowd these malls, but since then I have replaced them with restaurants, of which L, A. It has many that have historical value and offer space to a variety of innovative vendors using local products and suppliers. Here are three restaurants with fresh air included, two with a long legacy, and one that just opened its doors this year, along with a few vendors you can go to when you visit them.

Your support helps us deliver the news that matters most. Turns out, touring shopping malls is a global pastime. During food columnist Jenn Harris' recent trips to Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore, she found some of her favorite dishes in bustling shopping malls, street vendor centers and on the street. Bookmark your favorite places to eat and drink in Singapore and Thailand for your next trip to Southeast Asia.

Don't forget to also read Harris' profiles about Michelin-starred chef Malcolm Lee, from Candlenut, who spends his time with slow Peranakan cuisine in fast-paced Singapore, and Thitid Tassanakajohn, known as Chef Ton, who attracted worldwide attention when he premiered Le Du, a restaurant with a seasonal tasting menu in Bangkok that currently ranks first on the list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia in the world. Occasionally, you may receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Danielle Dorsey is the assistant editor and guide writer for the Food section. Previously, she was a senior west coast editor at Thrillist, where she covered food, drink and travel in the California region.

He grew up in San Diego and Riverside and has been happily calling Los Angeles home for more than 15 years. Everytable's mission is to make healthy food affordable and accessible to everyone, and it does so by offering ready-to-eat meals that you can grab and take away in its multiple storefronts in Los Angeles and beyond. They also adjust their prices according to each neighborhood as part of this mission. Everytable's menu is extensive, from vegan tofu larba with rice noodles to a fuller chicken curry, created in collaboration with a local store, Compton's Trap Kitchen.

Au Lac owner Mai Nguyen switched to a vegan diet when she was diagnosed with cancer and now advocates for a healthy plant-based diet as part of preventive medicine. Started in 1997, the Vietnamese influenced restaurant's vegan food was one of the pioneers of the vegan dining scene in Los Angeles. Although they still serve Vietnamese dishes, such as plant-based “pho” and fish with citronella, the menu has expanded to include a range of raw foods, as well as cold-pressed juices and elixirs. Zhengyalov Hatz in Glendale only serves one thing (plus desserts), and it's the store's namesake flatbread.

Vegan flatbread is made with 15 finely chopped herbs, sunflower oil and salt. It sounds and looks so simple that it doesn't have to taste as good as it does, but it's delicious, fresh and vibrant, and healthy too. The 13 Best Restaurants in Santa Barbara. The dining room's other offerings include goodboybob, Go Go Bird, Jolly Oyster, Uoichiba, and WEHO Sausage Co.

Citizen's rooftop Bohémien bar is inspired by the history of the building, the cocktail bars of Paris and New York, and the tapas culture of Spain. A unique food hall with 6 culinary kitchens open for lunch and dinner. Inspired by the melting pot of cultures in Los Angeles, with Asian and Italian cuisine, Bludso's barbecue, hamburgers and American cuisine. Coni' seafood, one of Inglewood's most popular dishes for a long time, is still as popular as ever, with expansions at LAFC Stadium and Del Rey.

The selection of the 101 best restaurants has hosted some of the most interesting dining establishments in the city since its opening in 1917. Located in the vibrant Figueroa corridor, in South Los Angeles, the La Paloma Market (3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles 9000) is much more than a dining room. Located on the lower level of FIGAT7th (735 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles 9001), the TASTE Food Hall presents an eclectic collection that includes an outpost of the Five Guys hamburger chain, along with global cuisine from L. With panoramic views of the LAX access roads, The Proud Bird (11022 Aviation Blvd, Los Angeles 9004) has a food bazaar with the famous Bludso's barbecue and international dining options including American, Asian and Italian cuisine.

No list of Los Angeles restaurants would be complete without the iconic Grand Central Market (317 S Broadway, Los Angeles 9001) in downtown Los Angeles. Among the many vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, Crossroads Kitchen stands out for its high-end and refined vegan cuisine, including options that even carnivores are obsessed with. Flower Child, by Sam Fox of True Food Kitchen, features naturally obtained proteins and local products in establishments inspired by farmers' markets. This plant-based Mexican restaurant from the people behind Cafe Gratitude has one of the best patios in West Hollywood, and the food is also pretty good.

BLVD MRKT (520 Whittier Blvd, Montebello, CA 90640) is an outdoor dining room in Montebello, where each of the vendors operates with renovated shipping containers. .

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