Vegan and Vegetarian Food Courts in Los Angeles County, CA: A Guide for Plant-Based Eaters

Are you looking for vegan and vegetarian options in Los Angeles County, CA? Look no further! Man Eating Plant's converted olive-colored bus is a staple at vegan events, offering plant-based versions of Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese cuisine. Diners can order Sichuan wontons filled with mouthfuls, soy-based pork stew or an exquisite fried mushroom bao. But the jewel in the crown is SPAM musubi, which consists of a layer of crunchy and salty synthetic pasta attached to hot rice and seaweed. Musubi tickets tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to check availability and arrive early.

If you think vegan Chicken Alfredo is an impossible dream, Modern Shaman in downtown Whittier might blow your mind. In this version, the linguini noodles are dressed with a creamy cashew sauce and come with a selection of ingredients, from plant-based chicken to meatballs and bacon. We recommend lightly breaded chicken, which adds a nice crunchy touch to the velvety noodle dish. If pasta isn't your thing, the menu is packed with an eclectic mix of options, from stew to a meatball sandwich with herbs.

In a nutshell, Crossroads is a high-end vegan restaurant for omnivores. Tal Ronnen, a chef specializing in plant-based products, is reinventing meatless meals with tasty and imaginative dishes, whether served in the restaurant's cozy Melrose Avenue dining room or in the recently opened Calabasas branch. The food attracts celebrities and Melrose's youthful, modern crowd, as well as people who are surprisingly old and dressed in suits. “Rockefeller-style baked mushroom scallops” and spicy Brussels sprouts glazed with maple and shiitake bacon stand out, as well as imitation fried artichoke oysters.

For a more substantial dish, try carbonara which comes topped with an overflowing egg and tomato yolk or lasagna topped with dairy-free cheese from Ronnen's own retail store. These are 23 of the essential restaurants in Los Angeles to find delicious vegetarian or vegan food, presented from north to south. In Los Angeles, all vegan roads eventually lead to Monty's, the growing chain with five locations in Southern California. Located on a hidden courtyard in Riviera Village, the quaint courtyard offers plenty of feel-good vibes along with its incredibly delicious tofu sauce, white lasagna and pies.

Even though you receive your order in a mint-colored box located in a storefront on bustling Western Ave., the food contradicts the poor service. The beloved Northeast Los Angeles coffee shop offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items as well as homemade baked goods at an affordable price. Nestled between a window shop and a ramen shop in an El Monte shopping mall, ThienTham serves modern Vietnamese food in a sober and elegant space. In Southern California, chefs are incorporating plant-based meats into everything from burritos and soul food to musubi and pho.

With locations in West Hollywood and Pasadena, Real Food Daily is a vegan treat offering full plates of whole grains, legumes and vegetables along with signature homemade sauces. The cheese melts on Impossible Foods hamburgers; the lettuce and tomatoes are crispy and crunchy; the vegan dressing from the Thousand Islands is dairy-free; of course; and the French fries come piled up - you can even top them with grilled onions and cheese because once again this is the ultimate vegan hamburger experience. Their food has a uniqueness that is reflected in dishes such as Nashville's hot potato chips with vegan shrimps. Let yourself be carried away by the smell of smoked and charred meat and you'll find Vegan Dinner at all kinds of events or head to a quiet alley in Lincoln Heights from Tuesday to Sunday to try their food.

Whether you're an intrepid vegan looking for new dining destinations or an omnivorous eater looking to reduce animal intake Los Angeles has a wide variety of plant-based meat dishes that will satisfy any craving. From Man Eating Plant's Sichuan wontons to Modern Shaman's plant-based chicken Alfredo to Crossroads' Rockefeller-style mushroom scallops to Monty's tofu sauce lasagna to Real Food Daily's Impossible Foods hamburgers - there's something for everyone! So if you're looking for delicious vegan or vegetarian options in Los Angeles County, CA - look no further!.

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